Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!

Your life experiences are defined by your dominant thoughts.

change your thoughts

Are you aware of your thoughts? Sometimes perhaps, mostly probably not.

During our waking hours, we are constantly thinking. We all have an inner dialogue, a running commentary of what we are experiencing and feeling. Some of our thoughts will be about the present moment but mostly, our thoughts are about the past or the future.

Have you ever found yourself on a train of thought and can’t stop thinking about it? It could be something you are excited about or worried about but either way you have momentum going on a specific subject. After a while, sometimes a couple of days, those thoughts subside but at the time can occupy your mind to the point of distraction!

Falling in love or having a massive argument are examples of thoughts having such a big impact sometimes to point of distraction of all else. It’s worth knowing about the impact of thoughts and what we can do to master them, to our advantage.

Why bother managing thoughts?

Studies suggest that we think tens of thousands of thoughts per day. It matters therefore that we are mindful of our thoughts because it’s our very thoughts that shape our life experiences. In other words, we are creating how our life plays out. Yet few people find it easy to keep a consistently positive picture of the future. It’s something we need to practise consistently.

Thoughts determine the direction of your life!

The next time you’re having a ‘good’ day, notice the thoughts you’re thinking – you’ll be mostly thinking happy thoughts, which brings you happy experiences. Your predominant thoughts focus you in the direction of things that create happy feelings within you. The reverse is equally true, when you’re having a so-called ‘bad’ day, your mind focuses upon those things that support ‘having a bad day’.

In short, to the extent that you can train your brain to think positively and maintain a positive focus, you’ll enjoy better health, better relationships and are able to create preferred outcomes in life.

What are thoughts?

100 billion brain cells called neurons connect with each other creating electronic pathways. A thought therefore is energy flowing or more accurately, firing through the brain. Thoughts string together with one thought leading to another thought of a similar nature, building momentum, that is until something else catches our attention!

​Where do thoughts come from?

Thought is energy flowing or firing or sparking through our brain, seemingly innocuous, thoughts string together so that one thought leads to another like thought.

The ability for humans to think has allowed us to survive as a species. We string thoughts together, allowing us to problem solve, learn how to do both simple and complex tasks. The brain has evolved allowing us sophisticated capabilities.

To sum up

Most people are unaware of their thoughts and they are surprised to learn that what they are predominantly thinking about will be reflected by the outcomes they are experiencing in their life.

Changing how you think, or your thinking style, may appear to be difficult at first. We each think a specific way, according to our formative years.

With practise and through visualizing and other techniques such as NLP, hypnosis and meditation, we gain greater awareness of our thoughts, and with awareness comes the ability to change how we think.

Janice Bowles

A qualified hypnotherapist with 25+ Years’ experience and EFT practitioner Janice helps her clients to assess the direction their life is taking while making the process rewarding. Whether it's overcoming stress and anxiety, increasing confidence or getting unstuck, this is an opportunity for immense self-actualization. Contact me​ to schedule a consultation. Visit my hypnotherapy website here

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