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Feeling stuck in life is an uncomfortable place to be. You can't seem to move forward, yet neither can you go back. You might have an impulse to act but resist taking any steps for fear of the unknown outcomes.

When we're in the midst of change, whether self-created or unexpected, it can really throw us off balance and can experience some strong emotions, making it a difficult passage of time to navigate.

Everyone experiences times of change and in most cases come through the other side. Life itself is a series of transitions, from going to school to leaving school, changing jobs, relationships, marriage, children, starting a business, redundancy, retirement, health issues, and aging to mention a few. Phew! It's truly amazing how well we actually do cope.

Janice Bowles

Well-Being Coach & Hypnotherapist

Some transitions we sail through hardly noticing them while at other times we struggle to resolve them and find they may last for weeks, months and even years. It can be an uneasy, unsettling and often disruptive period of time, where we go through many emotional ups and downs.

Self discovery: Although it doesn't feel like it, it's also a time of self-discovery and opportunity. When we develop an understanding of how to manage change or transition, we will acquire new life-skills, become mentally stronger, and more resilient, we become a better version of ourselves.

Getting support is essential because when we are too deeply entrenched in a situation, it's not so easy to see it with any clarity. It's also really stressful having a knock-on effect to other areas of our life. It's at such times that we will often seek the guidance and help of others such as a close friend or family member - someone who you trust. It can however be difficult for the people close to you to help you as effectively as you or they would like. 

This is where a life coach is invaluable to help you unravel, gain clarity, renew self-belief and find a positive, workable way forward.

My role as a well-being coach is one where I listen, asks meaningful questions, find out what your challenges are, and help you discover what you want and the outcomes you desire. I will encourage you to make decisions and take responsibility for those decisions. You are never judged and you ultimately decide upon the right course of action for you. This makes for a far better outcome for you and your situation.

I qualified in hypnotherapy and hypno-healing with the Atkinson-Ball College in London in 1996. My desire and passion has always been helping people with personal development and to promote emotional wellbeing. I completed other courses with Uncommon Knowledge in stress management, The Rewind Technique and smoking cessation. In 2009 Keirsey Temperament Certification and commenced a personal coaching diploma with The Coaching Academy the same year.

Apart from running occasional local workshops, client coaching is by telephone or skype with self-coaching courses (which are constantly being added) to this website. 

10 other things to know about me!

  • At the age of 19 I joined British Caledonian as a ground crew member working out of Gatwick airport, London.

  • In 1978 I joined British Airways short haul division and later long haul as a cabin crew member and stayed until 1991. I flew on 707's, VC-10's, Tridents, 1-11's, 737's, 747's and Tristars.

  • I qualified in reflexology, therapeutic massage and aromatherapy while still working for BA and then started my own therapeutic massage business in 1991.

  • In 2003 I studied EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) through the teachings of Gary Craig, one of the founders of EFT.

  • I lived in Val Morel in the French Alps for four years where apart from learning to speak French (a bit rusty now) I also learnt to ski and make candy-floss!

  • Over the past 20 or so years I have been guardian to 17 rabbits (mostly French Lops) and 18 guinea-pigs! My two animal companions are house rabbits Billy (a Dutch) and Jessica of unknown breed, who have freedom of the house and garden are not kept in a hutch.

  • From a young age I have wanted a dog and it's a goal I have yet to fulfill! As a child I would ask neighbours and people who owned a dog if I could walk their dog!

  • One of the reasons I took a hypnotherapy diploma was to overcome depression. I no longer have or am likely to have it again due to the skills I have learned.

  • In November 2017 I had a full hip replacement surgery and while skiing is out I'm definitely going to Zumba!

  • Animals are a big passion for me and while I love what I do, if I was starting out again I would love to work in animal behaviour science. 

British Caledonian in 1978

In Bermuda

Riding a camel

The Pyramids, Egypt

San Francisco

Posing! Canada.

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