My name is Janice Bowles

​I'm thrilled you are here because I love helping people make positive changes in their lives. If while you are here browsing you learn something that improves your life in some way, my intention is in part fulfilled.

As an experienced Personal Performance Coach, Hypnotherapist/NLP and EFT practitioner, I support people in overcoming that niggling self-doubt (and resulting anxiety) which so often prevents them from achieving their goals.

Whether in your personal life or business, in the workplace or at home, a tailor-made coaching program will empower you to reach beyond what you may not have thought is possible for you. It will guide you towards discovering your inner resources, inner strength and resilience and enable you to flourish in your life.    

I believe anything is possible if you set your mind towards it and are determined to succeed.​

My background is in hypnotherapy and psychology, which spans back over 20 years. These are invaluable skills that are useful 'add-ons' and when appropriate within the coaching session. However coaching differs from therapy and by itself provides extraordinary results. You may have to experience a course of coaching sessions to fully understand the powerful and positive impact it can have upon your life. I know that was the case for me! 

Janice Bowles

What will your life be like three years from now?
Will it be same old, same old, or will it be a life that is filled with all that you desire to have, be or do?

"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."
Walt Disney

Whether you are a business professional, reaching retirement after a long career or considering your options when the children have left home, whatever your situation, you needn't let anything get in the way of your dreams and success. 

Achieving success is about mindset as much as it is about strategy.

Why is it that sometimes, even when you have the best plan or you know what to do, something seems to get in the way of you fulfilling it? Or the process is far less enjoyable than you want it to be?

Much of what holds us back from feeling powerful and becoming successful at what we do or aspire to do, comes from our Mindset - our state of mind!​

Imagine if you had no obstacles such as self-doubt holding you back? What if you had someone to walk alongside you and support you as you move towards the things you want to accomplish? How would it be in a world where you are not judged yet supported to fully explore what matters to you most? When a child dreams it's without limitations. When did you last do that?

  If you're curious to learn more, read on below and get in touch... you never know where this exciting journey may take you!

Neil SummerfieldSolicitor

The coaching experience was for me a very positive one and of very considerable benefit in helping me to relax and in dealing with anxiety causing situations. I would have no hesitation in recommending Janice's professional, caring and above all positive approach."

Here's how I can help you:

  • Clarity and focus: Get clear on what you want and why you want it!
  • Accountability: It's human nature that we get more done when we've told someone what we intend to do.
  • Self-awareness: As you gain self-awareness, so you gain greater control over how your think and feel. By engaging fully, you'll likely experience more energy and motivation, all of which builds confidence!
  • Keep moving forward: When any difficulties arise as your coach I will help you move on through. You see, whenever we get stuck we often can't see the wood for the trees and it can literally immobilise us and hold us back for ages. That need't be an issue for you any longer!
  • Manage stress & anxiety: We all need to be able to reduce stress and anxiety in our lives. Achieving your goals doesn't have to be stressful, in fact we ought to be mindful of our happiness and well being. 
  • Steps to greater confidence: My aim is that your coaching will be a holistic experience. This means that as you gain greater clarity over your goals or purpose, and as you implement the steps so your self belief and confidence will grow. 
Barbara BradburyNutritionist
"Janice helped me to understand the concept of how our thoughts affect our life outcomes. She worked with me especially in the area of public speaking. She was so helpful and helped me to feel confident throughout the session. Janice encouraged me many times to think positively and to change any negative thoughts into positive using various techniques. Having been through many challenges I feel that Janice was a great support. Thanks Janice"

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