3 Tips For Successful Goal Setting

Setting goals the right way

There’s more to successful goal setting than you may think and understanding how to set goals the right way will give you a head start when it comes to having goals that truly work for you.

When you follow the steps to goal setting the right way, it will give you a sense of purpose and direction, which then keeps you focused and motivated. 

Here are some essential steps to include once you have you have created your initial goal list.​


1) Identify your goal and ask yourself key questions

Just because you write a list of the things you’d like to have, do or become doesn’t automatically mean that you will achieve them. 

In effect it's just a wish list. 

It's what most people do however at the start of a new year and then they soon lose faith when nothing happens, and then give up on them, and that's a shame.

Once you have decided upon a goal you need to write it down in a specific way, otherwise a goal that isn't written down is just a wish! Make sure you write your goal in a short and positive sentence.

Next, expand upon your goal by asking yourself the following questions:

Key tips for successful goal writing:

  • Why do I want this goal? Go into as much details as you like.
  • How will this goal improve my life? 
  • When do I want to achieve this goal by? (Give it a date).
  • Who else will having this goal affect?
  • What does it look like once I've achieved it.

2) Engage your subconscious mind

Your subconscious plays a key role in the goal setting process and when correctly done, your goals have a multi-dimensional aspect to them.

The process of goal setting activates your brain and it gets to work on your behalf. This is because your brain wants to provide you with evidence that what you believe is true!

Have you ever had the experience where things seem to show up in your life with little effort? This is because you have activated a part of your brain that hones in on what you are focusing upon. Unless you are aware of how this works it may go unnoticed by you.

It's curious how circumstances will often show up in your life that seem quite magical. Chance encounters, an unexpected opportunity, being in the right place at the right time, solutions that come at the right moment and the experience of ease and flow to mention a few.

By engaging with your goal,  you set forth the conditions that allow it to be realised.

Key tips for engaging your subconscious:

  • Visualise having achieved your goal.
  • Imagine that you already have it!
  • Feel it! What does it feel like having this thing?

3. Your goals need to be aligned with your values.

This is an exercise that many people overlook when goal setting. In fact, I think few people actually take the time to know what their core values are.

Discovering your values can be an in-depth exercise but a shorter version of knowing your values is to make a list of five to ten things that matter most to you. These are things that you cannot live happily without such as family, honesty, trust or fun.

Knowing your values will bring you the most amount of joy and happiness in your life as you accomplish your goals. You are doing them because they matter to you.

They are your values and are not someone else’s. Very often we can take on values that are not ours! It could be that we are influenced by society values or religious values, or values that our parents insisted upon as we were growing up.

The problem, when you are accepting values that are not your own, is that you may struggle to achieve and accomplish your life goals. You need to be aligned with your values when pursuing your dreams. 

For instance, if your parents told you that hard work is essential to to succeed in life, you may choose a career that has you working long, arduous hours. But if your true value is balance and all that hard work is stressful for you, it will likely cause conflict within as you try to balance the demands of work with your need for rest and recuperation.

You may wonder why you struggle to succeed. A different vocation may better suit your temperament and personality.

When your goals and values align, your path will unfold more easily and with less effort.   

Key tips for aligning with your values:

  • Make a list of five to ten things that matter most to you .
  • Knowing your values will bring you the most amount of joy and happiness in your life.
  • When your goals and values align, your path will unfold more easily and with less effort.   

By implementing these three steps, you are able to determine if this is a goal you truly desire and are prepared to work for. Quite often we have ideas that seem like a great idea but then fizzle out over time. That’s okay, and it's the whole point of goal creation to give you clarity on that.

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These 3 tips for creating successful goals will help you get started. I’d love to hear from you and how this has helped you identify your goals, so let me know how you get on or comment below.

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