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Are you feeling stuck?

I'm here to help you get unstuck,
better about yourself and your life.

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signs thAT YOU'RE STUCK...

  • Confused and have lost direction.
  • Unsure what to do to turn things around.
  • Out of balance, unfocused and lacking clarity.
  • Feeling increasingly stressed and frustrated.
  • Confidence and self-belief is taking a hammering.

When you just know that something needs to change...

Everyone feels stuck at times in their life. Usually we get through it and carry on, at other times it becomes more difficult and the more you try to figure it all out, the more confused you become.

It can be very uncomfortable, stressful and frustrating. (Yes, I know the feeling too!)

If you’re here because you’re currently feeling stuck, maybe you just need some guidance to help get you back on track and bring your life back into balance.

I'm a life coach and hypnotherapist with over 20 years experience and specialise in emotional wellness and stress management. 

Being Your Authentic Self

If you're not happy with your life the way it is then it's worth checking to see if how you are living right now is in alignment with your true self. In order to truly honour yourself you must ask yourself the question, "Who am I" and "What is right for me?"

Lowering Stress

You cannot think clearly, or rationally when you feel tense and anxious inside. But when you lower your stress levels, you raise your quality of life.  By implementing a few simple techniques, you really can change your life and your health for the better. Learn more.


Having confidence changes everything. With confidence you can achieve your life’s purpose; and the best part is, you already have a deep wellspring of confidence living within you. sometimes our confidence gets hit when we lose sight of our direction in life. You just need a few tools to tap into it.

I would never have achieved what I did without my coaching with Janice. One of the things that I learnt in my professional career was that we all from time to time need expert assistance if we are to make the changes that we desire and that it is not a sign of weakness, quite the opposite, to acknowledge this. Read more...

Neil Summerfield.

Retired Solicitor

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